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Google Ads & PPC Ads Services


Best Google Adwords & PPC ADs Company in Nagpur

Nagpur Soft Tech is an award-winning & trusted PPC(Pay per Click)Company in Nagpur, India. We are experienced and Best Google Ads company in Nagpur, India Pay Per Click or PPC is a way of online marketing where advertisers bid for an ad to get it displayed at the top position. Every time a user clicks on an ad, the advertiser has to pay it. It is a great way of targeting potential customers and increasing revenue instantly

Nagpur Soft Tech is the Best Search Engine Marketing(SEM)company in Nagpur. Since Past 10 year we are a result oriented Digital Marketing Agency in India focusing on lead generation with Ecommerce  traffic.

What Is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Nagpur Soft Tech is a top PPC Company in Nagpur India. With its experienced and rich team of PPC experts, we are the #1 Pay Per Click Marketing Agency in Nagpur. With the advent of the internet and its immense popularity, many website design companies in Nagpur, India are working on expanding their business and are searching out options more than just website updations and Search Engine optimization.


  • The Biggest Companies like Google, Yahoo and Rediff have come up with an offering to target specific cities to grow pay per click market in India. You can also opt to choose your desired city like Nagpur, Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore for your pay per click campaign.
  • Nagpur Soft Tech offers these customized Pay Per Click campaigns for its clients in India and abroad along with the services of Search engine optimization, SEO.
  • With Pay per click Marketing you can select keywords most appropriate in order for your website to appear on search engine and on other websites.
  • You only pay when someone clicks on the website. The more you pay for one single click the higher is the probability of your website to appear for the searched keywords.

PPC - Best Tool To Target Potential Customers And Increase Revenue


Google is not a pay per click search engine, but it does provide pay per click advertising in-text ad boxes to the right of the page on which search results are displayed. You can also run PPC ads to some other sites.

SEM Content Strategy

When it comes to SEO it is a way of optimizing your website based on certain ranking factors like keywords, content, website design, and many others. You have to submit your website and then it is indexed and ranked based on Google's algorithms. This process is time-consuming as it takes a lot of time and effort to get on the first page of search engine. We do provide the best services to get your website ranked on the SERPs but again it is a time-consuming process with late results. This is not the thing with PPC campaigns, it is a great medium to reach to the audience in less time by deciding the placement and budget of the ad. Your ad can get displayed instantly.

Various Online Merchants

Google and Yahoo also allow you to earn money if you run the pay per click program from your website by displaying banner ads for various online merchants and web sites. This program helps you to earn a fixed amount per click. You can maximize revenue from two things. First is you need to improve the amount of traffic that is coming to your website.The more traffic the higher is the chance to display ads to your website. Second is finding the appropriate ads that visitors are interested in.

PPC Program

Pay Per Click (PPC) Programs. Yahoo and Google are the top and leading pay per click companies from the internet business.

ROI Driven Google Ad & PPC Ad Services To Boost Overall Revenue!

Boost Conversions and Revenue with the best PPC marketing & Google Adwords company in Nagpur today Our business for pay4clicks, banner advertisement and mailing campaigns has been possible due to our channel partners Google. Being a great platform with a lot of clients is the best way to promote online campaigns. Its reach and ability to promote your brand to over a wide range of audiences makes it the best portal. Are you trying to spend a lot of money on clients? Nagpur Soft Tech offers you an integrated and interactive solution to promote and advertise ads on per click.

We make sure to get your banner displayed amongst clients from different cities of India like Nagpur, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, and can also be customized in India and overseas.



Keywords play an important role in PPC marketing as everything revolves around the right keywords. Our team manages to find and sort the most precise keywords for your ad.


We provide cost-effective services for your PPC campaign. We determine the budget and manage the bidding strategy with our experience and see how the ad performs. We help you drive most of the traffic with low budget campaign


Based on the type of your product we help you choose the best ad format for your ad. It could be video, audio, or carousel ad. We work towards optimizing the headlines, the titles and the description for the ad to attract as many clients as possible.

Why Nagpur Soft Tech

With over 2 decades of digital marketing, website designing, Application and mobile development experience, Nagpur Soft Tech is a top ranked website design and development company in Nagpur, India.

As a google partner recognized website design company in Nagpur, India. Nagpur Soft Tech specializes in a one stop shop solution for web design needs. We cover all allied web services including static website design, search engine optimization and SEO friendly website, domains, custom website redesign and web hosting. We are Nagpur based web design, graphic design and web marketing firm in India. We also specialize in web business solutions, from corporate online branding and interactive marketing to website application design and enterprise solutions.